Outdoor Outfitter And Apparel Manufacturer Filson Appoints Paolo Corinaldesi As Chief Executive Officer

SEATTLE — January 5, 2021 — Filson, the outdoor outfitter and apparel manufacturer, announced today that Paolo Corinaldesi has been named as CEO. Corinaldesi’s appointment is effective immediately. Corinaldesi is the sixth CEO in the brand’s 124-year history.

Corinaldesi joins Filson as part of his role with WP Lavori, the international apparel brand licensee, distributor and retail group, which invested in Filson last year. Most recently, Corinaldesi served as a global strategist with WP Lavori, working with brands such as Blundstone, Baracuta and Barbour, among others. Prior to that, Corinaldesi was CEO of Woolrich International, where he managed the merger of the brand’s U.S. and European business, led the exploration of international partnerships and oversaw the development of the brand’s retail sales network.

“Filson’s long-standing history and reputation for reliability are testaments to our commitment to our customers,” said Alex Carleton, Filson chief creative officer. “Paolo shares those values, and with his leadership and extensive retail experience, he will drive business growth and continue to build on Filson’s legacy.”

Established in 1897 to outfit customers headed to the Klondike Gold Rush, founder C.C. Filson designed durable and reliable products for the most demanding conditions. After the Gold Rush, Filson focused on clothing for the timber industry, such as the Filson Cruiser, patented in 1914, which became the official attire of the U.S. Forest Service and continues to influence the brand’s best-selling items today. Filson’s signature materials, such as heavyweight Tin Cloth, Mackinaw Wool and Rugged Twill, offer tough and dependable clothing that has established itself as the gold standard for hunters, anglers, explorers and anyone who has a passion for the outdoors.

Over the past 124 years, Filson’s growth has been driven by its high-quality products, loyal customers, e-commerce and dynamic retail spaces. In 2021, the brand expects to continue to accelerate that growth by focusing on international expansion and new product offerings, including the recently introduced, sewn in the U.S. denim collection.

“After Woolrich, I thought that my time as an executive was over, but when the opportunity to join Filson came along, I couldn’t say ‘no,'” said Corinaldesi. “Filson has a very special history and holds a unique place in today’s market. I am excited to join this great team and continue to grow the brand through new product innovations, expanding our retail footprint and building our international presence.”

Detroit-based Bedrock Manufacturing Company is the parent company of Filson. Founder Tom Kartsotis will continue to oversee Filson and work alongside Corinaldesi and Carleton to build the business. Corinaldesi’s focus will be on operations, finance and sales while Carleton will manage brand marketing, product and merchandising. In 2020, WP Lavori made a multimillion-dollar investment, acquiring 10 percent of the company, to partner with Bedrock and support Filson’s future growth opportunities.

Posted January 5, 2020

Source: Filson