Sock Manufacturer Renfro Announces New Image

Sock manufacturer Renfro Brands recently introduced a direct-to-consumer marketplace named Loops & Wales.

New York City-based sock marketer and manufacturer Renfro Corp. recently announced a name change to Renfro Brands. In total, Renfro stewards more than 20 brands spanning essentials, fashion, athletics, outdoors, work and wellness categories. Hot Sox and K. Bell joined the Renfro portfolio in 2007 and 2010, respectively. Customers include Macy’s, Walmart and Costco.

The rebranding includes a new visual identity with redesigned logo and direct-to-consumer marketplace named Loops & Wales.

“Our rebrand and launch of Loops & Wales represents the unique combination of strengths we’ve honed over the years. With these changes, we aim to honor our heritage while focusing on what our next 99 years can look like,” says Stan Jewell, CEO of Renfro Brands. “We are brand stewards and laser focused on driving brand equity and brand health across the board. The trends were really moving towards more and more consumers purchasing socks directly online — we were behind and needed to catch up.”

November/December 2020