Polartec Announces The Winners Of Its Annual Apex Design Awards Celebrating The Finest Products Made From Polartec Fabric Technologies

ANDOVER, Mass. — November 9, 2020 — Polartec announced the winners of its 2020 Polartec Apex Design Awards, an annual design award program celebrating the finest products made from Polartec fabric technologies. The winning products were selected based on skilled and creative uses of Polartec.

The winners are:

66 North Sudureyri NeoShell Coat — cut from soft, stretchy, durable Polartec® NeoShell®, the most breathable waterproof fabric technology. The fabric was chosen because it provides full waterproof protection with outstanding breathability that prevents moisture build-up inside. The coat comes with two front pockets and a two-colored belt which can be used to cinch the waist or worn loose.

Burton women’s [ak] Baker Hi-Loft Pants — made from a hybrid construction of ultra soft and compressible Polartec High Loft® fleece, and stretchy, sweat-wicking, contouring Polartec Power Stretch® Pro™ fabric, this undergarment is designed for the coldest days. High Loft is ultra soft and full of stretch while keeping a low profile for a seriously warm, comfy fit during cold, stormy riding.

Griffin Reversible Bomber Jacket — made from soft, warm Polartec Thermal Pro® fleece with a sherpa aesthetic, this reversible bomber jacket features mesh front pockets and Woolrich Buffalo Check wool. The particular Thermal Pro fleece was selected for its richness in texture, warmth without weight, and reversibility.

Gulch Inceptor Insulated Vest — made from highly breathable, fast-drying and compressible Polartec Alpha® Direct active insulation, the Inceptor is a hunting vest designed to provide optimal thermoregulation, eliminating the need to shed or add layers during start-stop activity.

Indygena Pecora — made of Polartec Shearling fleece for its warmth and breathable comfort, providing efficiency and versatility in cold conditions, this is a pullover designed to be worn in any circumstances.

Karpos Miage Jacket — primarily made with 90g Polartec Alpha Direct active insulation, which Karpos has printed on — and Power Stretch Hardface fleece on the under arms, side panels and hem for improved fit — the Miage is designed to incorporate the best technology, research, fabrics, fit and performance for ski mountaineering.

K-Way Cloto Skirt/Atropo Pant/Claude Jacket/Andersen Pant/Hans Crew Neck — made of Polartec Thermal Pro fleece to transform classic garments with a technologically advanced, high performance fabric, the new K-Way R&D collection is technology meets haute couture in a limited edition of unique pieces, handcrafted in Italy.

October’s Very Own OVO Polartec Power Stretch Zip Hoodie/Pant/Balaclava — made of warm, comfortable Polartec Power Stretch Pro fleece with four-way stretch and abrasion resistance, these pieces can be paired together for a completely cozy suit, or worn separately for added temperature regulation as needed.

prAna men’s Tri Thermal Threads Overshirt — made of Polartec Thermal Pro, this overshirt uses the advanced fleece technology to deliver a healthy dose of warmth, without the weight. On the outside of the fabric, densely knitted yarn creates a classic heather sweater look, while inside a soft velour finish adds extra coziness.

Santini Official UCI Rainbow Casual Jacket — as official producer of UCI race-wear and merchandise, Santini chose to use next-generation Polartec Power Air™ fabric to create a premium fleece product that was both performance oriented and ecologically friendly. Power Air provides extraordinary warmth and comfort with recycled yarn which is knit in an award-winning construction that dramatically reduces the shedding of microfibers.

Snow Peak Flexible Insulated Cardigan/Pullover/Shirt/Pants — made with Polartec Alpha insulation for lightweight, breathable warmth, these are the most iconic Snow Peak apparel items. Taking advantage of the flexibility of Alpha, these minimal designs are designed for maximum comfort.

Supreme Polartec® Overalls — Supreme chose Polartec 200 Series fleece for its functionality, employing it in a classic overall silhouette. Resilient, lightweight and warm, Polartec classic fleece is the original technical fleece, trusted for nearly 40 years.

Xenith Under the Lights Polartec® Delta™ Short Sleeve — made with Polartec Delta™ cooling fabric — which uses a unique composition and texture to disperse perspiration, reduce cling and increase airflow for evaporative cooling — this is an ultimate top for grueling workouts where sweat is inevitable and there is no room for distractions.

Every winner is an embodiment of Polartec fabric innovation and design inspiration, celebrating the science of fabric and the art of product design. The winners are being recognized with a Malden trophy and contribution of funds to promote their winning designs.

Posted November 9, 2020

Source: Polartec