EUROJERSEY Presents “Symbiotic” — The New Active World Of Sensitive® Fabrics

CARONNO PERTUSELLA, Italy — November 17, 2020 — With the launch of “Symbiotic”, EUROJERSEY deploys all the successful performing features of Sensitive® Fabrics which are able to adapt to the body shape and interact kindly with the skin. Perfect for training and muscle toning in all sports, even the most extreme, they combine unique characteristics with flexibility and protection.

Sensitive Fabrics act in perfect symbiosis with the body at all times, facilitating any movement in any context, thanks to the built-in elasticity of the patented textile construction. They sculpt the silhouette, provide the most adequate support and enable great freedom of movement, as well as regaling lightness and graduated compression.

Sensitive Fabrics invite you to unfetter your full potential, whatever your favorite sport, and to feel at ease wearing fabrics that innovatively combine functionality with good looks by flanking quality and relief textures that are fruit of a special Embossing technology.

Thanks to their ultra flat surface and excellent elastic memory, Sensitive Fabrics are perfect for this innovative technique, which enables the creation of images and relief patterns directly on the fabric surface by applying heat and pressure.  The fabric takes on a three-dimensional effect without compromising any of its high-performing technical features.

Posted November 17, 2020