After Nearly A Century Of Marketing And Manufacturing Renowned Sock Brands, Renfro Corp. Announces Its New Image

NEW YORK CITY — November 19, 2020 — Renfro Corp., a manufacturer and marketer of branded socks, announces its rebranded image as Renfro Brands. With nearly 100 years of history and experience, Renfro’s expertise spans the entire legwear industry, from design and manufacturing to merchandising and consumer insights.

The rebrand not only includes a new name but a whole new visual identity including new branding, a redesigned logo and the launch of a Direct-to-Consumer marketplace called Loops & Wales. The new branding embraces the company’s future while paying homage to its past and was developed by Bruce Mau Design to reflect and amplify Renfro’s new business strategy.

It was in the late 1990’s when Renfro Corp. acquired a long-term license for the Fruit of the Loom hosiery business, shifting assets, resources, and focus into the development of a brand portfolio model. This acquisition set the company on a new path to expand the breadth of its offerings. Renfro’s commitment to sock manufacturing has resulted in long, trusted relationships with large retailers such as Macy’s, Walmart and Costco as well as brand licensors such as Carhartt, Dr. Scholl’s and Merrell. Fashion sock labels Hot Sox and K. Bell became part of the Renfro portfolio in 2007 and 2010 respectively, though today, Renfro stewards over 20 globally recognized brands spanning the essentials, fashion, athletics, outdoors, work and wellness categories.

“Our rebrand and launch of Loops & Wales represents the unique combination of strengths we’ve honed over the years. With these changes, we aim to honor our heritage while focusing on what our next 99 years can look like,” says Stan Jewell, CEO of Renfro Brands, “we are brand stewards and laser focused on driving brand equity and brand health across the board.”

Socks are going through a renaissance where they’re no longer an afterthought. Renfro saw an opportunity to turn its decades of industry insight into an inspiring and seamless digital shopping experience through an all new Direct-to-Consumer model and marketplace, Loops & Wales.

“The trends were really moving towards more and more consumers purchasing socks directly online — we were behind and needed to catch up,” says Jewell, “so we looked to our DNA to find what made Renfro unique in the market. We’ve got a sock for any and every occasion, and that’s where we found a space we can own.”

At its core, Loops & Wales is a sock shop by the sock-obsessed. It is a destination for discovering, styling, and buying the right socks for the right occasions, designed for those who would like to engage with a passionate community and participate in a unique shopping experience. Whether it’s for running errands or running marathons, Loops & Wales offers companions to daily life that bring warmth and comfort, empower performance, and enable self-expression. The marketplace will feature a curated selection that represents the many ways socks can enhance a person’s every day. Whether someone is looking for tried-and-tested classics, surprising finds, or new favorites, Loops & Wales has it covered.

“Launching Loops & Wales signifies a big shift for Renfro Brands. COVID has accelerated e-commerce by at least three to five years and so, while we may have been behind the market during the rise of e-commerce, the opportunity is even better today,” continued Jewell, “people will want to go to stores again someday, but the trends for e-commerce in this category will stick with us and we are forging right ahead.”

From a passion for the humble, yet intricate craft of making socks starting in 1921, to the innovations that people around the world enjoy today, to the development of the Loops & Wales marketplace, Renfro has grown to become an industry leader and forecaster.

Posted November 20, 2020

Source: Renfro Brands