DuPont™ Sorona® Brand Launches Fabric Certification Program And New Branded Fabric Collections

WILMINGTON, Del. — April 28, 2020 — The DuPont™ Sorona® brand team is launching a new brand architecture and hang tag program designed to bring simplicity of choice and fabric confidence to designers and apparel brands. New fabric collections offered by mills are tested and certified through the DuPont Sorona Fabric Common Thread Certification Program to assure the fabrics have the unique molecular footprint of partially plant-based Sorona polymer as well as meet key fabric performance attributes. Starting now, apparel brands and designers will be able to request that mills provide their DuPont Sorona Fabric Common Thread Certificate to show their Sorona fabrics truly have the unique fabric performance and feeling that Sorona fibers provide.

“Fiber producers are able to create many unique constructions from Sorona polymer enabling a wide variety of textiles exhibiting diverse performance properties from wrinkle-resistant outerwear fabrics to lightweight breathable insulation products, permanent stretch and recovery, and newly launched Sorona faux fur,” explained DuPont Biomaterials Global Marketing Director Renee Henze. “We are committed to ensuring that mills, designers and brands have clarity on our offering and that they can trust the source of the materials when they’re choosing fabrics using Sorona.”

New fabrics which are certified through the Common Thread Fabric Certification Program will provide the Sorona fabric performance characteristics that designers and apparel brands are searching for:


Stretch: Do more of what moves you. Sorona® – Agile fabrics help to provide better resistance to heat, UV rays and chlorine. Sorona® Agile fabrics are ideal as an alternative in any garment where spandex-free stretch is needed.


Shape Recovery: Keep your perfect fit. Sorona – Revive fabrics provide long-lasting performance with shape retention and stretch recovery – thereby avoiding undesired fabric sagging and bagging. When used in athletic wear to casual wear, Sorona Revive fabrics are soft with dimensional stability.

Easy Care

Fold it, pack it, move it, wear it. Sorona® – Profile fabrics retain their shape and provide a consistently smooth look wear-after-wear. Used as a replacement for 100 percent nylon-based fabrics, Sorona® Profile fabrics have improved crease recovery while maintaining a rich handfeel that redefines softness.  Sorona® Profile fabrics help every garment it is used in return to form time and time again.

All Day

Softness: How performance should feel. Sorona® – Luxe fabrics afford natural fiber blends enhanced performance, softness and recovery.  From linen and wool to silk and cotton, natural fabrics now have a smooth handfeel with comfort stretch, dimensional stability and reduced pilling.


Breathable Warmth: Comfort in almost any climate. Lightweight Sorona® – Aura insulation fill provides unparalleled softness that redefines how warmth should feel with outstanding fill power and a higher level of thermal insulation. From jackets and pants to gloves and hats, the only thing Sorona® Aura insulation fill retains more than its shape is warmth.

“We believe in trust, traceability and transparency throughout the entire supply chain,” stated DuPont Sorona Marketing Manager Kiki Chen. “Our customers trust us and expect us to deliver performance with quality. That’s why we strictly test all fabric solutions before they’re certified.”

For more information about the Common Thread Fabric Certification Program, Sorona fabrics, and marketing tools please contact us through or contact a regional channel manager.

Posted April 28, 2020

Source: DuPont