GENESIS: M&J Group Targets High Fashion Denim Market In European Union, Back At Denim Première Vision – London

DHAKA, Bangladesh — December 6, 2019 — M&J Group comes back at the Denim Première Vison London (3-4 December) marking a positive end of the 2019, with new objectives for the future. The leading facility of the Group has affirmed itself as one of the most reliable international garment manufacturer, especially in denim market, and now it is time for another leap forward. The aim is to target more in depth the high fashion denim market in Europe with renowned proposals towards a more authentic, comfortable and sustainable denim offer.

The first output to underline the new approach is the high-end capsule collection realized in collaboration with PG DENIM, that premiered at the show.
A collection where the great industrial experience and quality in garment manufacturing of GENESIS meets, in a perfect and inspiring contamination, the 100% Italian artisanal craft and unique interpretation of PG DENIM fabrics. A complete co-branding that has given life to unique garments with dedicated tags and hangtags, to show a fashionable, sustainable and high-quality final output, entirely produced in Bangladesh. The perfect meeting to provide a great example of how this collaborative path with European top-quality player could lead to a new positioning for the company.

The improvements achieved by GENESIS are enhanced also in the s/s 2021 collection with new trends involving eco-conscious fabrics such as organic cotton, recycled fabric and polymer, realizing blends with natural fibers like hemp & linen while working also with a wide variety of biodegradable materials. Technical fibers are also on the spotlight with an increasing importance gained by proofed lightweights such as waterproof. Moods like hyper blue, natural cotton colors, flat bright indigo mid shades or urban grey and reactive layers dominates the feeling of the new collection. In terms of looks and treatments the collection has developed several unique interpretations such as engineered garments, digital laser patterns, wester silhouettes, workwear, soft dyes, contemporary stripes, dirty green cast and eco-acid wash. A kaleidoscopic collection where technology and tradition meet one unique big trend: more sustainable than ever.

The Social Responsibility Program of GENESIS: the other side of quality garment manufacturing.

One of the other recent developments of GENESIS: M&J Group is represented by the implemented Social Responsibility Program, a project undertaken in order to improve the living and working quality for all concerns by trying to achieve always higher standards. As an essential part of the company’s core values the main goal is to help people ameliorating living and work quality. Nevertheless, providing a competitive advantage of corporate reliability based on social and ethical behaviors. This program now includes several key-services such as Digital Payment, to facilitate financial empowerment of workers through a dedicated transparent mobile banking service for all employees. The Subsidized Shop in another key-activity to ensure authenticated and hygienic product directly from the mills at a very affordable price for all workers. Moreover, a Mini Fire Station in GENESIS Campus is on the go to, realized in collaboration with GIZ and Fire Service, Civil Defense of Bangladesh, to provide a point or reliability for the whole local community during emergency situations. The program is completed by a series of other services like the inside factory Medical Service, a half-yearly Free Medical Campaign, the Child Care facility, the HERhealthTM Project, the Khokon Memorial Hospital (established through GENESIS:M&J Group initiative), Sunflower USAID, Accord Certification, a dedicated hospital agreement, Khokon Charitable Foundation and the institution of an Elected Worker’s Participation Committee.

A unique panel of activities, completed by various programs like innovation award or best employee award, to provide a business model that can be an authentic inspiration for everyone in the business. Being aware that a true social responsible approach not only leads to better work and living conditions, but that is also a strategic improvement to provide all-round quality services. A constants strive towards excellence that represent the key to provide a successful proposal for modern consumers’ needs.

Posted December 6, 2019