Custom Tailored Dresses At Speed And Scale — Delivering The Perfect Fit In Three Days With A Revolutionary Approach To Sizing

LOS ANGELES — December 23, 2019 — New Manhattan today announced the launch of its Flagship brand Pose, offering women’s custom-tailored dresses. Its tailoring technology allows the company to custom tailor off-the-rack dresses based on four customer measurements. This revolutionary process eliminates the need for traditional sizing. Historically, brands have approached sizing through a generic model which has made it difficult for consumers to get a product that fits right. They are often left guessing on how a product will fit from one brand to the next and even product to product. New Manhattan’s technology creates a breakthrough in sizing and delivers the Perfect Fit every time. It launched Pose because it believes that every shopper deserves a product that fits their unique body style.

“Every single human being has features that they want to bring out — that they want to highlight regardless of their shape and size,” said Jonathan Sotoodeh, CEO. “When you get something tailored, our algorithm can highlight the features you want and also fits perfectly and makes you feel your best.”

What our customers are saying

  • They’re the perfect fit and even cuter than in the pics! Thank you!! ~Edina
  • The process was super easy to enter my measurements and the dresses were perfectly fitted. Thank you! ~Elise
  • Perfect fit! Already got a compliment ~Sandy
  • Every stylist emphasizes the importance of fit and tailoring. I think you are on to something big. ~Mary

Features and benefits

  • Selection — a large selection of the latest off the rack styles;
  • No sizes — every product is custom-tailored;
  • Technology — tailoring technology allows for customization within 24 hours; and
  • Speed — the product is in the customers’ hands within 3 days.

A limited offering of custom-tailored dresses is available now, with prices ranging from $80 to $150. For more information on our products and custom tailoring technology, visit

Posted December 23, 2019

Source: New Manhattan LLC