Under Armour Teams Up With Aptos To Deploy Groundbreaking Technology At Annual Charity Event

ATLANTA — September 24, 2019 —  Aptos Inc., a supplier of retail technology solutions, today announced its successful participation in Under Armour’s recent Hometown Sample Sale that took place July 19-21 in Baltimore.

Under Armour’s Sample Sale, now an annual event in the Baltimore community, provides an opportunity for the public to purchase exclusive and discounted Under Armour performance apparel, footwear and accessories.

To support this large-scale pop-up style event, Aptos technology was utilized to ring over 7,000 transactions with 47,000 items sold in less than 36 hours. As a long-time user of Aptos’ point of sale solution, Under Armour augmented its existing POS capabilities during the Sample Sale with the Aptos ONE™ Store Commerce mobile selling application.

As Aptos’ first patent-pending solution offered on the Aptos ONE platform, Aptos ONE Store Commerce removes all dependencies on store servers and internet connectivity, allowing retailers to process transactions anytime, anywhere on locally resilient mobile devices.

The decision to deploy Aptos ONE Store Commerce during the Sample Sale took less than six weeks from ideation to implementation, demonstrating the unprecedented speed to market of the new technology offering. According to Gerald Charles Jr., Under Armour’s vice president, global IT operations and strategy, the fast rollout and adoption of Aptos ONE was a significant advantage.

“One of the most exciting aspects of Aptos ONE leading up to the Sample Sale was how quickly we were able to stand it up,” Charles said. “During the event, we received extremely positive feedback on Aptos ONE from our interns, who we call Rookies, who were the ones engaging customers and ringing transactions.

“The consensus from our Rookies was that Aptos ONE Store Commerce is intuitive, requires very minimal training, and is designed in a way that removes barriers between associates and customers, resulting in seamless, sophisticated, and efficient interactions,” continued Charles. “Despite this being Under Armour’s first experience with Aptos ONE, we ended up ringing approximately 70 percent of the Sample Sale transactions on the mobile selling application via Wi-Fi, and the remaining 30 percent on our fixed POS terminals.

“The Sample Sale was a success all around. Under Armour made a meaningful contribution to their hometown community, our Rookies got hands-on experience in customer engagement, and we had a successful deployment with Aptos ONE, reaffirming once again that Aptos is our trusted technology partner for in-store innovation.”

Posted September 24, 2019

Source: Aptos, Inc.