EnerWear® Celebrates The 50th Anniversary Of The First Mission To The Moon With Limited Edition “Lunar Lander” Socks

CHINO, Calif. — August 13, 2019 — Sock brand EnerWear® announced the launch of its new limited edition “Lunar Lander” socks today, celebrating the moment man first walked on the moon 50 years ago. The new socks will join the brands growing line-up of self-designed “technical” footwear that includes socks made from Lycra®, Coolmax®, bamboo and even Aloe vera extract. The limited-edition Lunar Lander socks represent the latest line in the groups technical range and will be available from the EnerWear Amazon store from September 10 and will be limited to 3,000 pairs worldwide.

Socks Designed for Space

EnerWear Lunar Lander Socks — made using patented Outlast fabric tested in space — provide wearers with the ultimate in comfortability and utility, created for those extreme days that never seem to end.

Developed for NASA in 2003 and inducted into the NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame in 2005, Outlast fabric is specially designed for a continually changing environment. Crafted from phase-changing materials (PCM) that can absorb, store, and release heat for optimal thermal comfort makes Outlast socks the definitive footwear companion whatever the weather, location, or environment from the Antarctic Circle to the Gobi Desert or even the surface of the Moon.

Just like water, the microencapsulated materials within the socks can change from solid to liquid depending on their surrounding environment and the desired temperature by absorbing and releasing excess heat and is the only phase-changing material to be tested in space.

The new limited-edition socks made from patented Outlast fabric come in four colors, mission grey, universe black, midnight blue and earth brown. They will also come in three unique designs: the “USA stars and stripes”, “man on the moon” and “the footprint that made history.”

Growth of Technical Footwear

Since its founding in 1998, EnerWear has aimed to use the very best materials available and has worked with partners such as Outlast, Coolmax, and Lycra to produce high-quality “technical footwear for all situations. The brand has also invested heavily in research and development over the past 20 years to develop specialist footwear and materials specifically for golf, rugby, football, mountaineering and more.

Posted August 13, 2019

Source: EnerWear