Caldera Software Integrates With Adobe Textile Designer

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. — August 14, 2019 — Caldera, part of Dover Digital Printing and Dover, is pleased to announce the integration of the Adobe Textile Designer plugin for Adobe Photoshop with version 12.1 of Caldera’s award-winning raster image processor (RIP) software.

Adobe Textile Designer is a set of tools for fashion and décor artists to streamline the design process and optimize for printing. Integration with Caldera V12.1 ensures accurate pattern repeatability, and correct and consistent color management through the design-to-production lifecycle.

The integration workflow starts with the Caldera RIP software extracting geometric information from the exported Adobe Photoshop file, such as the drop type, to ensure that the correct settings are applied for printing. Colorway information is extracted for accurate color management — both spot channels and meta-data specifying the colorant name are exported from Adobe Textile Designer.

As Caldera V12.1 has advanced spot color management, each spot channel is colorized according to the information provided by Adobe Textile Designer. This allows for the use of embedded Pantone or other color libraries in Caldera. Furthermore, each spot channel can also be remapped to any LAB or output device colors using static rules or dynamic output conditions, which also allows the use of Caldera’s color-book module to fine tune output results.

Sébastien Hanssens, Dover Digital Printing’s vice president of marketing, operations and IT, shared: “Adobe Textile Designer exported files can be perfectly integrated into a Caldera automation environment using a simple hot folder process, or can be pushed as part of a larger ecosystem using Caldera’s Nexio automation module, to streamline production. The combination of these two cutting-edge products results in a completely integrated process for textile designers to accurately translate their Photoshop designs into printed textiles.”

Working within Photoshop keeps every element editable until the user is ready to send it to the printer. Patterns can be previewed, separations defined, and colorways adjusted. Integration with Caldera gives designers the confidence that their creations can be printed in production with results that remain accurate and consistent with the original design.

Posted August 15, 2019

Source: Dover