New York City Voters Reject Fur: Legislation — Intro 1476 — Introduced By City Council Speaker Corey Johnson Banning Fur Sales

NEW YORK CITY — May 13, 2019 — An overwhelming majority of New York City voters support banning the sale of fur apparel in the city, according to the results of a newly released poll.

The poll found that 75 percent of respondents support a citywide law to prohibit the sale of fur apparel. The results found widespread support for legislation — Intro 1476 — introduced by City Council Speaker Corey Johnson banning fur sales. The Council’s Committee on Consumer Affairs is holding a hearing on the bill Wednesday.

“The results show that New York City needs to take action to catch up to what is clearly society’s sentiment, that cruelty is not fashionable,” said Friends of Animals President Priscilla Feral. “NYC can be the ultimate fashion forward role model by passing this legislation. Showing compassion for animals, and all sentient beings, is one of the purest expressions of our humanity.”

Friends of Animals has joined with FurFreeNYC to support the legislation and will be attend the noon rally at City Hall Wednesday and testifying at the hearing there. The poll, released by the coalition and conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling and Research shows widespread support in all boroughs for the ban.

In a statement Monday, Feral noted there has been widespread misinformation about the fur ban bill circulating by opponents. The bill prohibits the sale of any fur apparel including any skin in whole or part with hair, fleece or fibers attached. It does not restrict or prevent residents from wearing fur apparel they have already purchased. The bill does not ban leather; it has an exemption for fur worn as a matter of religious custom and for sales of used fur.

While opponents contend fur is environmentally sustainable, the fur industry likes to ignore studies that have found real fur to be the most harmful of all fabrics. The production of real fur is significantly more harmful than other types of fabric to the environment in part because of chemicals used to prevent the skins from decomposing and decomposing of mink feces, according to a study by CE Delft. Increasingly, faux fur manufacturers and fashion houses are using innovative, sustainable fabrics.

“The fur industry is trying to divert attention and scare the public,” said Feral. “But New York City residents understand the issue and want to see an end to the cruelty.”

Posted May 13, 2019

Source: Friends of Animals Inc.