Prym Fashion To Open A New Fastener Finishing Facility In India

STOLBERG, Germany — April 11, 2019 — Prym-Fashion has announced that it will open a new fastener finishing facility, known as Prym Fashion India Pvt. Ltd., in Chennai (Tamil Nadu), India.  The new facility, which will begin operations in the month of April, will enamel the company’s popular Gripfix fasteners for the children’s and baby wear markets.  By stamping the fasteners in Germany and providing made-to-order enamel finishing at Prym Fashion India, the company will reduce lead times to India-based producers of children’s and baby wear by more than 50 percent.

“Tamil Nadu is home to the largest number of textile mills in India, and the location of Prym Fashion India puts us closer to our Indian customer base,” said Brian Moore, CEO, Prym Fashion. “Color is so important to the appeal of children’s and baby wear, and new collections are being introduced with greater frequency throughout the year. Our ability to significantly reduce lead-times on our Gripfix fastener with dyed-to-match colors will provide added value to customers based in the area.”

Gripfix is Prym Fashion’s top seller in the company’s baby wear range, and has a secure five-prong system that will neither tear nor come off. The flat design of Gripfix fasteners maximizes comfort, and the company’s commitment to product quality and reliability make them both durable and safe for use with clothing designed for infants and children.

Prym Fashion India will be located within the fast-growing Chennai Free Trade Zone, allowing Prym Fashion to export enameled fasteners to apparel manufacturers in South Asia, including Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

“This facility is a great starting point from which to enlarge our presence in this important and growing apparel region, and we are already developing plans to expand our services in India in the near future,” added Moore.

Posted April 11, 2019

Source: The Prym Group