Chico’s FAS Introduces TellTale™, Its New Digital-First Intimate Apparel Brand

FORT MYERS, Fla. — April 10, 2019 — Chico’s FAS Inc. today announced the upcoming launch of its newest brand, TellTale™, an intimate apparel collection targeting women ages 25 to 40. Launching as a digital-first brand, TellTale is designed to intrigue customers looking for intimate apparel that is sensual and lets them express their distinct personality. The TellTale brand will launch exclusively at on April 24, 2019.

“TellTale enables us to capitalize on our intimate’s infrastructure with core, proven expertise already in place, addressing a true white space in a growing market,” said Shelley Broader, CEO and president of Chico’s FAS. “The retail environment is shifting rapidly, and we believe that the winners long-term will be those that have a healthy pipeline of innovation — including innovative approaches to doing business.”

“TellTale allows us to target new customers and offer them a different experience than what we offer through our Soma® brand intimate apparel,” said Mary van Praag, President of the Intimate Apparel Group at Chico’s FAS, which includes Soma and now TellTale. “It’s exciting to launch a brand in start-up style, with a lean, dedicated team to allow for speed and agility, and I’m thrilled to have Kimberly Grabel, General Manager and Senior Vice President of TellTale, lead this effort for us,” added van Praag.

Leveraging the Soma brand’s 15 years of experience developing high-quality bras and underwear, the new TellTale brand will launch with a simple offering of six key bra silhouettes which will be replicated consistently across varied fashion collections with matching undies, rooted in the idea of sensuality, comfort and self-expression. This consistency will allow a customer, upon finding the silhouette she loves, to focus on fashion and personal expression.

All bra styles will carry signature details, including rose gold TellTale trim and four different closure placements, allowing for flexibility in fit. At the outset, sizing will be 32A-40DD and XS to XL. With most bras in the $39 to $49 range, the quality/style/value equation will address a gap in the market today for affordable, well-constructed, fashionable bras. In addition to the core offer of bras & undies, TellTale will feature monthly curated stories including apparel, accessories, and beauty that align to this customer’s interests and passions and her constant quest for new discoveries.

Grabel brings over 25 years of strategic, brand-building experience, most recently serving as senior vice president of Marketing at Soma, where she led the brand’s repositioning. Prior to Soma, she led the marketing department at Holt Renfrew and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Posted April 10, 2019

Source: Chico’s FAS