Step It Up With Honeywell Spectra® In New “Barefoot-Like” High Performance Training Footwear

MORRIS PLAINS, N.J. — November 15, 2018 — “Barefoot” footwear company Kinis has launched the Nomad 804 — a new line of High performance sock-like footwear that boasts unparalleled durability, cut resistance and toughness while maximizing foot strength for wearers. The Nomad 804 takes training one step further with Honeywell Spectra® fiber — the same fiber used in bullet-resistant vests for the military and law enforcement — to help athletes build stronger feet during training sessions, while also reducing injury risk.

Kinis, a Richmond-based startup, develops quality, high-performance Natural-fit™ footwear products for athletes who are looking for alternatives to rigid athletic shoes. Using Spectra, the Nomad 804 allows athletes to gradually and comfortably strengthen muscles in their feet through a free and natural range of motion.

The Nomad 804 allows feet to move freely, preserving sensory feedback, while protecting from cuts, punctures, abrasions and slips. The sock includes Spectra-powered Cool-Knit™ fabric, allowing feet to stay cooler and fabric to dry faster, while holding its shape over time without stretching. The fabric’s fiber-enhanced construction offers a lightweight and cool feel, reinforced by a slip-resistant flexible rubber sole for peak performance.

“When challenging ourselves to develop a product that would add value for consumers, we found Honeywell’s Spectra to be the best fiber to help athletes achieve peak performance without sacrificing comfort,” said Vincent Vu, founder at Kinis. “Spectra fabric adds durability, but is also cool to the touch — enabling the Nomad 804 to keep wearers comfortable while active. This was a key differentiator when choosing to incorporate Spectra fiber.”

The Nomad 804 is a versatile, strength-building option for the barefoot training crowd and can be used for a variety of workouts including yoga, cross-fit, weight training and martial arts. The barefoot trainer can also be worn casually around the house or to the office for continuous strengthening of the feet. This is because the product’s design makes it easier for wearers to avoid landing on their heels with each stride, while giving the ability to flex toes in a way that activates the proper muscles.

“Customers choose Spectra fiber to bring lightweight strength, high abrasion resistance, and comfort,” said Gregory Norton, business director, at Honeywell. “We were excited to help Kinis innovate a product that not only provides greater comfort but also supports wearers in maximizing their personal fitness.”

The Nomad 804 is available for purchase in six unisex sizes, just in time for the holiday season and indoor training sessions throughout the winter months.

Posted November 16, 2018

Source: Kinis