SoftWear Automation Introduces Next-Generation Sewbot

Atlanta-based SoftWear Automation has released the next generation LOWRY SEWBOT® to the sewing industry. The company reports that improved vision technologies — that now recognize material shape, size, fabric, style and sewing requirements — have allowed major advances in its Sewbot technology. Material distortion may be noted in real time, allowing for dynamic adjustments that do not require programming and results in high-quality products every time.

The new Lowry features an upgraded industrial-grade steel base frame, which allows for 24/7 operation and can withstand the sometimes rough environment of a factory floor. According to the company, the sewbot also can undertake simultaneous operations such as automated loading, flaw detection, sewing, seaming, cutting, labeling and restacking using a simple control touch panel. The ease of use means one operator can manage up to six Lowrys at one time.

Construction methods that are supported by the new-generation Lowry include serging, overedging, hot seal cutting, lockstitch, chainstitch, side seaming, piping; binding, label attaching, overlock, heat transfer, bonding, end cuts, seaming/finishing, variable sewing speeds, and variable thread types/thicknesses.

November/December 2018