INDOCHINO Custom Apparel Introduces Two-Week Delivery Promise And Payment In Installments

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — October 24, 2018 — INDOCHINO today further reinforced its commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience by introducing a two-week delivery promise for all orders placed. In addition the company, which makes high quality custom apparel accessible to everyone, has launched a new payment program that will enable customers to pay in installments.

Indochino’s two-week delivery promise shaves a third off its previous three-week guarantee, which the company was the first to launch earlier this year. This industry-leading delivery promise covers all of Indochino’s custom garments, including its new made to measure overcoats and chinos, as well as suits, shirts and blazers.

“We are obsessed with continually enhancing our entire customer experience, from the moment a shopper walks into a showroom or visits our website to when their order arrives on their doorstep, and thereafter,” said Drew Green, president and CEO of Indochino. “By cutting the time it takes to produce each one-of-a-kind garment by a week, we’re continuing to delight our customers and make custom apparel an even more attractive option compared to off the rack alternatives.”

In response to an increasing demand for accessible payment options from customers globally, Indochino has partnered with global payments provider Klarna to enable online shoppers to Slice it at the checkout by using Klarna’s online consumer financing. With Klarna’s Slice it customers can easily spread the cost of their purchase over X, Y and Z monthly time periods, with no interest.

“We do everything we can to offer an outstanding shopping experience and giving our customers a more convenient way to shop – with flexible financing options – which will be integral to our further enhancing our customers’ experience,” said Drew Green, president and CEO of Indochino. “By partnering with Klarna, we’re providing consumers with the power to purchase our custom suits, shirts, chinos and overcoats over time, without limiting their choice, based on how they pay.”

“We understand that suits can be a considerable investment for some. By helping consumers purchase their items over time, we can improve the buying journey for those that prefer this payment option,” said Michael Rouse, chief commercial officer of Klarna. “Our latest research shows that the fashion industry is adopting new payment technology enthusiastically due to consumers’ demand for increased flexibility and financial control. 40% of retailers have already introduced smart payment options. It’s great to see customer focused brands, like Indochino, acknowledging this and making changes to align with customer needs.”

Posted October 24, 2018

Source: Indochino