UAT Group Subsidiary To Use Hygieia™ Across All Product Lines

TAMPA, Fla. — August 30, 2018 —  Umbra Applied Technologies Group Inc. (UAT Group)  announced today that its subsidiary UAT, will be including its antimicrobial technology, Hygieia™ into all of its existing and future products when and where possible. The first product to receive the Hygieia™ upgrade is scheduled to be the company’s ClearView® Wrist Fixation system slated for launch the beginning of next year.

Alex Umbra, CEO, said: “This highlights our commitment to the Hygieia brand and our belief that Hygieia is a value-add to any company looking to enhance their existing line of products. This of course includes us and everything we manufacture”.

UAT has a healthy line-up of products scheduled to launch over the next 18 months most of which would seem to benefit from the inclusion of the Hygieia™ additive. When asked to be more specific as it pertains to which products will be receiving the antimicrobial technology, Umbra replied: “We of course, will continue to use Hygieia within our textile manufacturing to include our socks, men’s boxers, the pillow and bedding but also products like Insight, ClearView as well as in other areas such as aerospace and security. We are currently evaluating products under development to see where the inclusion of Hygieia would be appropriate and/or beneficial”.

The company also confirmed that it has been very aggressive in its efforts to educate fellow manufacturers in reference to the benefits of Hygieia and how it can enhance their seemingly already great products. UAT has expanded its manufacturing and distribution relationships which it now is offering to other manufacturers as a way to streamline their manufacturing processes when they include Hygieia in their product lines.  This will help reduce costly manufacturing and shipping delays by manufacturing a product all under one roof.

The company reiterated its plan to expand its Biotech division while also suggesting that the GreenTech division would be launching next year alongside its Aerospace and Security divisions. UAT currently estimates it will need to hire an additional 25 employees over the next 16 months beginning next month with three new employees being added to the company’s already highly experienced sales and marketing team currently undergoing product training.

CFO Thomas L. Crom, commented: “Mr. Umbra has a very clear vision for where the company is headed and we have already begun the process to ensure that the company has the financial capabilities to execute on the vision. UAT has been positioned for sizeable growth and it is now time to execute on that potential. As a shareholder I am very encouraged with how far we have come”.

Posted August 30, 2018

Source Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc