Thermore Introduces ECODOWN® Fibers

Thermore’s ECODOWN® Fibers have a unique multi-shape structure.

Italy-based Thermore recently introduced ECODOWN® Fibers as a more sustainable and cruelty-free alternative to duck feathers. According to the company, recent surveys suggest that 80-percent of cold weather clothing still is insulated using duck feathers. Thermore reports its Ecodown Fibers — made using 100-percent polyester recycled from bottles — offer the same loft as high quality 90/10 feathers and can be blown into a garment. Tests performed on the man-made product indicate a fill power of more than 600 for a puffy garment and warm feel. Ecodown resists clumping when washed and is durable, according to Thermore.

July/August 2018