Fashion Institute Of Technology, New York, hosting HEAT-MX™ Design Contest

MONTREAL — July 25, 2018 — HEAT-MX WORLDWIDE today announced the HEAT-MX – FIT 2018 Student Design Contest: Disruptive Technologies in Thermal Insulation in partnership with the internationally renowned Fashion Institute Of Technology (FIT), based in New York City. The two organizations will work together to provide a selected group of FIT students with an opportunity to learn innovative performance features of HEAT-MX™ products and ask them to come up with creative designs using HEAT-MX products.

“We are honored and privileged to be able to partner with FIT for the Design Contest.  We believe that it will be a good learning opportunity for the students to explore the world of thermal insulation material and gain practical knowledge on how to build warm winter apparel items, bedding products, sleeping bags, etc., using industry leading HEAT-MX product performances. In addition, we believe their creative minds will find new and innovative ways of adopting our innovative technologies into a wide range of other non-traditional applications,” said Sae Chang, president of HEAT-MX WORLDWIDE.

Sae Chang went on to say, “HEAT-MX offers multiple patent-pending technologies through its proprietary non-woven thermal insulation products. Thanks to the innovative performance features of our products, we have been able to expand the use of non-woven thermal insulation material from traditional applications such as winter garments and accessories into a wide range of other product solutions. One of such examples is our recent development of lace dresses which can be worn even in minus 10-degree Celsius (-10°C) / 14-degree Fahrenheit (14°F) with a usual ensemble of other winter outfits. With the technological advancement to help improve our winter experiences as the company’s operational philosophy and goal, we could not be more pleased to have this great opportunity of working with the great minds at FIT!”

Posted July 31, 2018

Source: HEAT-MX™