Respect Your Universe (RYU) Provides Update On Equinox And Nordstrom Programs

VANCOUVER — June 27, 2018 — RYU Apparel Inc. creator of urban athletic apparel, is pleased to provide an update on two retail partnerships that were launched earlier this year. Select Nordstrom locations in the United States and Canada as well as through have been carrying a selection of RYU menswear and bags for over six months. While RYU products moved from “pop-up” store status to being fully represented as part of Equinox’s regular retail offering for Canada over a similar time frame.

RYU is delighted to report that its results with sales to both Nordstrom and Equinox have been very successful and both retailers have already placed repeat and continued orders for RYU branded apparel.

“We are excited that our programs to Nordstrom and Equinox have been very well received by customers” said Marcello Leone, CEO of RYU. “It is always encouraging to have validation by seeing increased demand from various sources outside of our direct marketing influences that point towards the creation of a world class brand.”

Posted June 27, 2018

Source: RYU Apparel Inc.