Twelve Locations Honored For Buying American And Supporting American Makers

ARCANUM, Ohio — February 15, 2018 — All American Clothing Co., whose mission is to support U.S. families and jobs by producing high-quality clothing in the United States, has released a list of its “Top 12 Most All American Towns and Cities.”

Using data from where it shipped the most products in 2017, All American Clothing selected the top three locations in four different population categories that ranged from small towns with approximately 1,000 residents to large cities with up to 500,000 residents.

The 12 Most All American Towns and Cities include:

  • Dayton, Ohio;
  • Falls Church, Va.;
  • Langhorne, Pa.;
  • Levittown, Pa.;
  • Long Bottom, Ohio;
  • Morro Bay, Calif.;
  • Patchogue, N.Y.;
  • Sarasota, Fla.;
  • St. Louis, Mo.;
  • St. Peterburg, Fla.;
  • Tinley Park, Ill.; and
  • Woronoco, Mass.

“Buying our clothing energizes and revitalizes jobs all across our great country,” said BJ Nickol, cofounder and president, All American Clothing Co., “From the small family businesses that make some of our apparel and accessories to the companies that make our boxes, host our website, and help with the marketing. We created this list to honor and thank those that bought our products and supported U.S. production.”

All American Clothing’s list of top towns and cities also includes historical events and facts, showing how each location contributed in unique ways to the country’s culture, as well as local, well-respected American makers who call those areas home. Some of the makers featured include Langhorne Carpet Co., By the Bay Gallery, Bruske Products, and Esther Price Candies.

All American Clothing plans to continually highlight communities and other makers that are committed to supporting American-made goods and production.

Posted February 15, 2018

Source: All American Clothing