Shapewear Revolution — Prosthetics Company Designs Realistic Women’s Shapewear

WOODLAND, Ca. — January 9, 2018— Sculptress is redefining women’s shapewear with medical-grade materials and prosthetics technology. The company originally developed prosthetic appliances for cancer survivors, transgender women, and Hollywood films. The Sculptress brand was envisioned to bring these professional designs to the home wardrobe.

Today, the company announced a new line of prosthetic hip pads for 2018. Sculptress hip pads are designed to eliminate “hip dip” and enhance a woman’s hourglass curves. They’re made from proprietary Echoderm™ silicone to achieve a realistic look, feel and movement. The medical-grade silicone even matches the wearer’s body temperature and conforms to her movement.  Sculptress fashion prosthetics are hand-made by special effects artists in California and they’re available in a variety of sizes and shapes for a perfect fit.

The company also developed Durablend™ edge technology; edges are mesh-infused, so they are made paper-thin without sacrificing strength. To prove the point, Sculptress warranties the products against rips and tears for 12 months. More importantly, the thin edges show no lines, even when worn beneath leggings or tights. Co-founder Judi Gordon says, “We designed the products to be invisible so that customers can feel confident and sexy.”

Garment manufacturers have provided corsets and padding since the 1500s, and today, compressive shapewear, such as Spanx, is more popular than ever before. However, Sculptress co-founder David Shelton, is confident their company can deliver better results. David explains that, “If you lost an ear, you wouldn’t ask a garment manufacturer to sew you a new one, and you certainly wouldn’t want it to be made from fabric! Whether you need a new ear, or fuller hips, you’re going to get better results from a prosthetics company.”

At the end of the day, customers don’t really want hip pads; they want real hips! Sculptress prosthetic hip pads come pretty close and early customers have been ecstatic. Customer Beth Green says, “I’ve never felt so curvy. They hug me like a glove and they feel absolutely natural.”

The company reports strong interest for weddings, cosplay and everyday attire. No matter the outfit, Sculptress medical-grade hip pads boost curves and confidence.

Posted January 9, 2018

Source: Sculptress