Kryptek Outdoor Group Announces Camouflage Technologies Division

EAGLE, Idaho — January 22, 2018 — The camouflage and apparel solutions company Kryptek Outdoor Group is proud to announce its “Camouflage Technologies” Division, which has evolved from the expertise gained during the infamous U.S. Army Camo Improvement solicitation.

Kryptek Camouflage Technologies (KCT) provides passive concealment solutions that are customized specific to region, environment, and organization. KCT dovetails with Kryptek’s combat apparel capabilities allowing a complete turnkey solution for units, organizations and countries that desire functional and effective uniforms while gaining separation and advantage from legacy camouflage options that have saturated various Areas of Operations.

As well as providing functional concealment options, KCT also addresses the psychological aspect of camouflage. “When used for combat or counter terror operations, the need to identify friend or foe, or IFF, is becoming more of a concern as legacy patterns now saturate the market and are easily obtained,” said Butch Whiting, Kryptek Outdoor Group CEO. “Kryptek can provide combat apparel options that are customized for units, while controlling the fabric printing process. This enhances the security of the program for the end user.”

KCT delivers a unique approach to obtaining combat apparel. Rather than just licensing or selling a pattern to an interested consumer, a complete package option is developed specifically to accommodate the end user.

“Apparel Programs with various Coalition Special Operations units have been underway with KCT for the past two years,” says Josh Cleghorn, president, Kryptek Outdoor Group. “When you couple our premium combat apparel collection with our KCT capabilities, you have a unique option, especially for foreign organizations that are less bureaucratic and want to move relatively rapidly.”

KCT has developed 20 never-before-seen camouflage patterns.

Posted January 22, 2018

Source: Kryptek Outdoor Group