Mayer & Cie. Reassigns U.S. Representation To Fi-Tech Inc.

ALBSTADT, Germany — August 3, 2017 — From September 1, 2017, Fi-Tech Inc. will take over as Mayer & Cie.’s sales and service representative in the United States. Fi-Tech replaces Mayer Industries. Founded by Mayer & Cie. (MCT) in 1970, Mayer Industries has represented the German circular knitting machine manufacturer in the U.S. since 1975 but is now specialized in manufacturing braiding machines. Mayer & Cie. expects the handover of representation to Fi-Tech to boost its presence in the United States and to provide easier access to new customers.

“We collaborated for a long time and successfully with Mayer Industries,” says Wolfgang Müller, sales director, Mayer & Cie. “Today, Mayer Industries’ main focus lies in another area. So now is the right time, especially with several employees in the circular knitting department leaving the company as retirees, to hand over our U.S. representation to a well-established, professional agency.”

New Representatives, Familiar Faces

Fi-Tech, headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, will take over as Mayer & Cie.’s U.S. sales, spare parts and service representative. Preliminary talks have been under way for over two years. Initial contacts took place at the 2015 ITMA in Milan. The contracts were signed in Albstadt in mid-July 2017.

The new Mayer & Cie. representation has engaged with two senior members of the Mayer Industries circular knitting team to ensure knowledge and expertise are maintained for several years and to assure the smoothest possible transition.

Mayer & Cie. And The American Market

In recent years, the American market has been challenging for Mayer & Cie. for different reasons. “From our perspective, the U.S. market has been very fragmented,” Müller explained. “There are unique challenges in the Los Angeles market, caused by consolidation and the success of imported equipment, especially from South Korea. Whereas in the traditional apparel markets on the East coast, customers have looked primarily to a domestic supply base and service. With our new sales representation and technical service structure, we look forward to once again actively competing in both markets”.

Opportunities For Both Sides

Fi-Tech was founded in 1972. Its initial focus was on man-made fibers and nonwovens, but Fi-Tech has since expanded its portfolio substantially and now represents European equipment manufacturers in dyeing, finishing and surface finishing. The geographical focus of its business is on the United States and the NAFTA member-states.

In Mayer & Cie., Fi-Tech now has the first greige goods manufacturer in its portfolio. Ian Mills, market development manager at Fi-Tech, is convinced that this is an opportunity for both sides. “With a circular knitting machine manufacturer we are expanding our portfolio,” Mills explained. “With our wide-ranging networks, we will be able to introduce Mayer beyond the traditional circular knitting machine market.”

Todd Bassett, co-owner and managing director of Fi-Tech, also takes a highly positive view of the collaboration. “Mayer & Cie. is definitely a flagship in the list of our partners,” Bassett said. “We are impressed by the company’s leading position in both the technology and the market. Also its long history, its investment in its employees, all of that makes Mayer & Cie. something special.”

Posted August 3, 2017

Source: Mayer & Cie