Denim North America Introduces New Performance Product Line: FYnesse Denim

COLUMBUS, Ga. — July 24, 2017 — Denim North America, a division of DNA Textile Group, introduced an exciting new product line called FYnesse® Denim last month at BPD Expo in NYC. FYnesse Denim is the latest innovation in superior performance stretch with exceptional low growth and groundbreaking reduced shrinkage.

This new technology cuts shrinkage virtually in half compared to traditional stretch denims with similar elasticity. The result is greater fabric utilization and increased garment to garment sizing consistency. Best of all, its unique attributes combine consistent shape retention with an amazing soft and smooth hand.

FYnesse Denim incorporates FYnesse yarn, developed and produced by Fiber & Yarn Products, a division of Poole Co. FYnesse is the latest and most advanced innovation in air-covering technology, taking engineered polyester and introducing spandex at the point of maximum dynamic bulk.

The result is a superior performance stretch yarn with the unique capability to retain exceptional power, resilience, and bulk all while concealing spandex deep into the yarn. FYnesse eliminates sagging and bagging while also keeping the consumer cooler with faster drying and moisture wicking technology inherent in the process. This is the second collaboration between DNA and Poole Company with DNA as the exclusive producer of FYnesse® Denim.

Opening offerings are in lightweight indigo and black women’s products with heavier weights for men available soon. FYnesse was formally introduced in June at BPD Expo in NYC and will be shown this week in Salt Lake City at the Outdoor Retailer Show July 26-29, Poole Co./Fiber & Yarn Products Stand 41037.

FYnesse is a registered trademark of Fiber & Yarn Products, a division of Poole Co.

Posted July 24, 2017

Source: Denim North America