HYDRO_BOT Technology Launched

A team of companies led by Swiss/Norwegian start-up company Osmotex, have introduced HYDRO_BOT moisture management technology. Osmotex collaborated with Switzerland-based Schoeller Textil AG — production partner for Hydro_Bot panels; KJUS, Switzerland — primary product development partner that will be the first brand to take the product to market in 2018-19; the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology — partner in the final development to assess durability, washability and performance of the product under a variety of conditions; and technology partner Belginova — provider of operating systems and switches for applying Hydro_Bot, and also will market Hydro_Bot products under its own 30SEVEN brand.

“Hydro_Bot is the result of 10 years of intense research and development in Switzerland,” said Trond Heldal, director of R&D and Operations, Osmotex. “Over the past two years, the development has reached a new level with four strategic partners involved in the development effort. We are confident that Hydro_Bot will represent a generational advancement in moisture management.”

March/April 2017