Hollister Debuts New Line Of Performance Denim With COOLMAX® All Season Technology And LYCRA® Fiber

WILMINGTON, Del. — January 16, 2017 — Hollister recently introduced a new line of performance jeans for guys and girls that incorporates INVISTA’s COOLMAX® ALL SEASON technology and LYCRA® fiber for year-round comfort and lasting fit.

One of the most relevant trends in the denim category today is to integrate performance fibers for added functionality. Hollister is taking a leading position in the performance arena with their Advanced Stretch Jeans with Coolmax All Season technology. The fabric moves moisture away to keep the body cool and dry on hot days, and has insulating fibers for added warmth when it is cool. These benefits come from the fiber structure, so they are permanent and don’t wash out.

“At Hollister, denim is a part of our DNA and we continue to find ways to enhance the assortment. Our goal with the innovative Coolmax All Season technology is to provide products that fit the needs of our customer’s on-the-go lifestyle,” said Kristin Scott, Brand President of Hollister Co.

“We believe pairing one of the hottest teen denim brands and with one of the coolest fabric technologies available on the market today will resonate with consumers,” remarked Dave Trerotola, President of Invista Apparel and Advanced Textiles. “Our research shows that among ingredient brands in the cooling space, the Coolmax brand is the most likely to positively influence purchase intent.”

In conjunction with launch of the new product line, Hollister and Invista have created an exciting, new multi-channel social media campaign to showcase the benefits of the jeans. Digital illusionist and YouTube star, Zach King, appears in a video via this link https://coolmax.com/en/News-and-Blog/2017/01/Zach-King promoting the magic of jeans with Coolmax All Season technology. Teen influencers will be featured in shareable content, and others can join in the fun by using the hashtag #HollisterCOOLMAX.

Posted January 17, 2017

Source: Hollister