Launch Of The TEXAPP Project To Strengthen The Supply Of Apprenticeships In The Fashion Sector

BRUSSELS — December 5, 2016 — On December 5, 2016, the eight project partners will be hosted by TexClubTec in its premises in Milan, Italy, to launch the newly ERASMUS+ KA3 project TEXAPP (Integrated strategy Initiative for Strengthening the supply of APPrenticeships in TEXtile sector).

The project, coordinated by EURATEX, addresses the issue of apprenticeships delivery in the fashion sector dominated by SME’s and micro enterprises. The objective of TEXAPP is to foster and strengthen the supply of apprenticeships for SME’s and micro enterprises active in the sector through the close cooperation between Euratex (as the European organization of the T&C national associations) and its partners — members and affiliates.

For fostering the supply of apprenticeships in an integrated way for the T&C sector, what matters above all is a supportive business environment offering practical assistance to SME’s. Through close cooperation, TEXAPP project partners will create and provide a structure and tools oriented towards the T&C sector considering the SME’s needs and obstacles they face in this regard. The sectoral tool package to be developed aims at assisting SME’s in setting up, planning, delivering and ensuring the quality of their apprenticeships, including apprentice assessment. TEXAPP project will act and produce targeted tools for pooling resources, sharing information, exchanging knowledge, developing ideas and learning from each other’ experiences.

Project Details:

Project Acronym: TEXAPP

Project Title: Integrated strategy Initiative for Strengthening the supply of APPrenticeships in TEXtile sector

Project Reference: 572773-EPP-1-2016-1-BE-EPPKA3-SUP-APPREN

Project Duration: 24 months from 01.10.2016 – 30.09.2018

Project Partners

  1. EURATEX (coordinator), Belgium – EU level Association
  2. The Huddersfield and District Textile Training Company, UK
  3. Pirin – Tex EOOD, Bulgaria
  4. Centro Tecnologico das Industrias Textil e do Vestuario de Portugal (CITEVE), Portugal
  5. Textilipari Műszaki és Tudományos Egyesület (TMTE), Hungary
  6. TexClubTec, Italy
  7. Bulgarian Association of Apparel and Textile Producers and Exporters (BAATPE), Bulgaria
  8. Hellenic Clothing Industry Association (HCIA), Greece

Posted December 6, 2016