Sewbo Automates Garment Sewing

Seattle-based Sewbo Inc. reports its automated sewing robot has successfully managed to sew a T-shirt. The company worked around the one hurdle that has previously stymied automation in the sewing industry — a robot’s inability to handle a limp, fluid piece of fabric — by temporarily stiffening the fabric with a water-soluble sizing prior to sewing. Now that the concept has been proven in practice, Sewbo plans to expand its team and work on producing a commercial version of the technology.

“Our technology will allow manufacturers to create higher-quality clothing at lower costs in less time than ever before,” said Jonathan Zornow, the technology’s inventor. “Avoiding labor issues and shortening supply chains will help reduce the complexity and headaches surrounding today’s intricate global supply network.”

Sewbo has used an off-the shelf industrial robot to sew a T-shirt.

November/December 2016