ITG Launches Carlisle Cotton Company™: A New Generation Of Cotton Fabrics

GREENSBORO, N.C. — July 22, 2016 — International Textile Group (ITG) is excited to announce the launch of the Carlisle Cotton Company™ and its innovative line of luxury and performance cotton fabrics. Combining the heritage and expertise of Cone Denim® and Burlington®, the Carlisle Cotton collection brings a unique blend of color, comfort and performance innovations to create a new generation of cotton fashions that are versatile from fashion shirtings to bottom-weights for jeanswear and rugged casual styles.

Carlisle Cotton fabrics are made in the USA and named after the Carlisle Finishing plant where they are dyed and finished. Located in Carlisle, South Carolina and surrounded by the Sumter National Forest, Carlisle has been a leader in dyeing and printing for more than 60 years. Many of the fabrics in the Collection are woven at Cone Denim’s iconic White Oak™ mill in Greensboro combining more than 150 years of expertise and bringing together ITG’s distinctive values of heritage, expertise and innovation.

“The introduction of Carlisle Cotton is very exciting,” says Dennis Gilrain, Sr. Vice President Burlington Apparel & Uniform. “We’ve been able to combine the R&D expertise of Burlington Labs and Cone 3D to bring new styling and innovation to cotton and cotton blended fabrics. By customizing these technologies and their applications we are able to create unique performance and aesthetics in cotton.”

Performance innovations include Burlington Lab’s moisture wicking, stain resistance, anti-microbial and patented No Fly Zone® insect repellent technology. Fashion dye technologies include Cone 3D’s Varablue™, a proprietary yarn pre-treatment combined with a special Carlisle dye process.

Carlisle Cotton fabrics are versatile and come in many different constructions and finishes ranging from heavy-weight ducks, twills and canvases that are durable yet comfortable all the way to luxury brushed- cotton spandex blends and sulfur and pigment piece dye fashions that appeal to the jeanswear customer. Additional styles are offered for lightweight, breathable uniform fabrics and brushed, no- wrinkle cotton twills and shirtings for everyday wear.

Posted July 22, 2016

Source: International Textile Group, Inc. (ITG)