ISKO™ Partners With Copenhagen Fashion Summit

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — May 12th, 2016 — Copenhagen Fashion Summit, the world’s largest event for sustainability in fashion, is once again gathering together international fashion players to shine the spotlight on the industry’s future. ISKO™, worldwide leader in denim manufacturing and key innovator in the sector, is proud to be one of the main partners of the initiative, to foster discussion and share knowledge around the most important issue on the global agenda: responsible innovation.

Looking For Conscientious – And Beautiful – Denim
Denim is an essential element for the entire fashion system, a must-have for style lovers the world over. It is well-known that the manufacturing process of denim generates pollution, but few know that an important negative impact on the environment also comes from post-purchase practices. We need a comprehensive approach that considers the complete product life-cycle from cotton to disposal. And in the meantime, we can’t forget that fashion demands beautiful products: responsibility cannot overlook trendiness. “Democratic, young and ambassador of social changes: these are the main features of denim”, claims Marco Lucietti, Global Marketing Director SANKO/Isko division. “For these reasons it has to lead the apparel world towards this crucial path. The future is now, we can’t miss this goal”.

Now: what is ISKO’s take?
Isko has always had responsible innovation in its blood. It was born responsible, and strives to improve day after day. The water purification plant in the local community where the group is based was mostly financed by Isko, while a filtration and treatment plant cleans the water used in the manufacturing process, redirecting it for other industrial and civil purposes. CO2 emissions deriving from fabric finishing are also reduced through state of the art chimney stack filters, while the advanced fabric dyeing technologies reduce water use. That’s not all: the yarn supplier of Isko is Sanko Yarn, a member of Sanko Group, a pioneer supporter of organic cotton production in Turkey.

ISKO EARTH FIT™, the revolutionary platform
This commitment to responsibility led to the launch of ISKO EARTH FIT™, a denim platform for the creation and promotion of products that are beautiful and embody style, while being environment friendly.

Isko’s industrial process optimization has brought huge benefits: for example, an average reduction of 40 percent in water, energy and chemicals; Isko technology performance: solutions and innovation that influence customers’ habits: the better the fabric performance, the less garments need to be washed at home. Promoting a more responsible use of end-products and helping reduce the use of natural resources and environmental pollution in everyday life; certifications that testify to the quality and innovation of Isko products and processes.

Six products of the Isko Earth Fit line recently earned the prestigious Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification, one of the most important in the market. Isko is the only denim mill worldwide that has earned this coveted recognition — proof of its successful efforts for sustainability. Anita Winsnes, managing director of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in Norway, said: “Achieving the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is definitely not an easy task. Our standards are high and we have strict requirements for the entire value chain, from the cotton field to the finished fabric. Our emphasis is on organic cultivation, low water consumption, sound chemical use and good working conditions. We are very happy that a giant like Isko has chosen and accomplished the Swan. This will bring us a huge step towards a more sustainable textile industry”.

Isko at Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2016
Copenhagen Fashion Summit was the right place to be for those players who believe firmly that decisive actions that involve the whole industry are needed now. Isko was here to claim that it’s time to run together in the same direction, towards a more sustainable future. Marco Lucietti, Global Marketing Director Sanko/Isko division, has bought his and the company’s vision to this arena, taking part in two key appointments at the Summit:

The Brave New World of Denim
François Girbaud, Founder and owner, Marithé + François Girbaud
Peter Frank, Manager Product Development Dept., Nudie Jeans
Marco Lucietti, Global Marketing Director, ISKO™
Roian Atwood, Director of sustainability, VF Jeanswear/Imagewear/CASA Moderator Samuel Trotman, Denim Editor, WGSN
Closing panel: “The Future of Fashion”
Marco Lucietti, Global Marketing Director, Isko
Linda Greer, Senior scientist, NRDC
Carlo Capasa, Chairman, Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana Caroline Rush, CEO, British Fashion Council
Steven Kolb, CEO, Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Moderator Nader Mousavizadeh, Co-founder, Macro Advisory Partners

Isko was also partner and exclusive supplier of denim for one of the important extra features, the Denim & Design Challenge, dedicated to Nordic Designers. Jonas Classon, Isko Creative Services Manager will be part of the jury with Peter Franck from Nudie Jeans, Samuel Trotman from WGSN, Hassan Pierre from Maison de Mode, strategic fashion consultant Peter Ingwersen and François Girbaud, Founder and owner, Marithé + François Girbaud.

Posted May 18, 2016

Source: ISKO™