ThermalTech Introduces Solar-Powered Smart Fabric

Thermaltech’s jackets feature a patented solar-powered smart fabric.

Los Angeles-based ThermalTech has patented a solar-powered smart fabric featuring a stainless steel yarn. According to the company, the fabric collects energy from the sun or an artificial light source and can keep a wearer warm with reduced bulk. The technology can generate up to 10°C of heat in two minutes even when it is cold outside. In order to commercialize the technology, ThermalTech has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds.

The first product to feature the fabric is a jacket available in three styles — Street, Explorer and Extreme — and each style will be available for men or women in a choice of black or gray.

“We believe that by introducing this solar-absorbing fabric into the apparel marketplace, the next generation of outerwear will provide the consumer with even more of an optimal temperature & fit,” said Carlos Cortes, CEO of ThermalTech. “This will allow everyone from the snowboarder to the fashionista to be warmer in colder climates.”

January/February 2016