Angelico Finalizes The Acquisition Of British Weaving Company Marling & Evans, A Brand Steeped In History, At Milano Unica

BIELLA, Italy — February 11,2016 — Italy-based wool mill Angelico has acquired England-based weaving company Marling & Evans.

The operation will help to enhance Marling & Evans business and commercial relationships and to expand its refined sesasonal collections.

After an initial foray into last year’s Milano Unica, Marling & Evans is back at this year’s event, buoyed by the excellent feedback from buyers and orders received from top men’s classic wear brands.

Marling & Evans, a key name in British sartorial excellence around the world, producing refined fabrics in the Huddersfield textile district, Yorkshire, for more than two hundred years,  is a presence of the highest calibre for the whole exile industry and for sartorial elegance.

The first results of the new course the brand is following, drawing on Angelico’s expertise, is the first ever collection, SS2017, to be unveiled at Milano Unica.

Superior natural fibres combine in lightweight fabrics and broad patterns that are typical of British tradition: silk/cotton, wool/linen, lightweight wools in which faux uni and classic designs predominate, revisited in a brand new selection of bright colours.

Part of the collection harnesses the natural hues of the fibres, providing a summer variation of the moods of the natural undyed range, the true showpiece of the woollen mill. This is a unique product in both the care and selection that go into it; it is made of British, undyed wools including Shetland, Jacobs and Welsh Black varieties, blended on the basis of  the natural hues of the fibres.

Founded in 1782 as a small, craft weavers, Marling and Evans still produces wool cloth for the garment sector, using singular, non-serial procedures.

Its products contain only British wools, dyes and natural finishes, with no chemical additives and using the soft water in the Huddersfield textile district, renowned for the softness of its fibres.

The exceptional heritage of know-how and craft is carried forward by local craftsmen, skilled in each of the outsourced steps such as spinning and finishing. This is zero-mile production by definition.

A distinctive feature of the Marling & Evans range is ultrasoft covert twill in a Shetland and British lambswool blend. It has been used for years in the upholstery of Rolls Royces and is also highly considered within the fashion industry.

For British textile aficionados, Marling & Evans offers exquisite flannels, melange fabrics for jackets and carded cloths for coats, Donegal, Herringbone, leno weave cloths made on traditional looms in the old-fashioned way, and textiles for hunting jackets that are given water-repellent finishes which heighten the natural properties of the wool.

Posted February 12, 2016

Source: Angelico