Madeira Adds 28 New Colors To Frosted Matt Embroidery Thread

LACONIA, N.H.  — May 8, 2015 — With an eye towards increasing an already healthy customer base for its matte finish, Frosted Matt embroidery thread, Madeira recently added 28 new colors to the line, bringing the total number of colors available to 189. Frosted Matt is a 40 weight embroidery thread with no reflection, and a very substantial ability to stand up to the UV rays of the sun. When Frosted Matt first came into the market several years ago, sewing threads were used to embroider where subtle, matte finish or tone-on-tone was desired. Madeira set about introducing the first true matte finish, high quality thread designed for commercial embroidery machines.

“There were embroiderers who truly embraced Frosted Matt,” explains Madeira USA president Shirley Clark. “Not only is it unique in its appearance, compared to other lustrous or shiny threads, but it sets the industry standard for standing up to sunlight. This makes sense for those embroiderers who work on items that withstand long exposure to the sun, like patio cushions, boat covers, umbrellas, dog and horse accessories. Also, the tone-on-tone effect of the matte finish against high quality fabric is very high end in appearance.”

Due to requests that came from Frosted Matt customers worldwide, Madeira decided it was time to increase the number of colors available in its range of 2,700 yard cones. Its popularity stems from its ability to withstand heavy laundering, maintain its colorfastness in extreme exposure to sunlight, offer clarity and/or shading and to create very small lettering and fine detail.  A new color card, Item #100-111, contains windings of all 189 brilliant colors of this Oeko-tex certified embroidery thread, Item #940-color number.

Posted May 12, 2015

Source Madeira