Mattress And Upholstery Fabrics Deliver Additional Energy Through energear™ Technology By Schoeller

SEVELEN, Switzerland —  April 9, 2015 — Initially used in functional clothing, the energear textile technology from Schoeller Technologies is now being used as well in the field of upholstery fabrics and mattress toppers. energear allows the body’s own energy, which is radiated in form of far infrared rays, to be reflected back to the body. This can have a positive influence on the body and its energy balance.

Far infrared rays are part of the infrared ray spectrum and are radiated by the sun, certain stones and metals and the human body. Certain minerals can reflect this radiated energy. energear consists of a titanium-mineral matrix, that has exactly these properties of reflection. Textiles that are finished or printed with energear technology reflect far infrared rays back to the wearer’s body.

energear was most recently applied to mattress toppers by the German company Atlantis Wasserbetten, one of the largest manufacturer of waterbeds. “We are excited about this innovative technology and anticipate many new customers with energear™ on our mattress toppers”, noted Ludger Beiergrößlein, CEO of Atlantis Wasserbetten.

Saum & Viebahn is an internationally operating textile publisher based in Kulmbach, Germany, offers, among others, the upholstery fabric collection “modern Esprit” that can be ordered with this additional energear-layer. “The trend towards wellness and regeneration is particularly visible in the field of interior design. With energear it is possible that furniture is not only beautiful but provides an additional functional effect”, says Andreas Klenk, CEO of Saum & Viebahn.

Textiles with energear technology can have a positive effect on the human energy balance, such as the increase of general wellbeing and balance, improved patterns of sleep, fast revitalization and prevention of premature fatigue. In addition, energear can also have positive effect on concentration and performance.

Thanks to the fiber-independent applicability of the finish as well as its wash resistance, energear can be used in a wide range of applications. energear has been used successfully in sportswear, therapeutic bandages, duvets and horse blankets. energear does not affect the breathability or look or feel of textiles.

Posted April 14, 2015

Source: Schoeller Technologies