ITG Introduces Hendry Bishop Lifestyle Collection For Menswear

GREENSBORO, N.C. — September 22, 2014 — International Textile Group (ITG) is excited to introduce Hendry Bishop, a unique one-stop collection of fabrics that combines fabrics from the Burlington® and Cone Denim® brands ranging from worsted wools to denim to performance fabrics, and blends designed for the modern active lifestyle.

The Hendry Bishop collection presents clothing from a unique point of view, with no traditional paradigms or preconceived ideas. Drawing from the comfort of cotton, elegance of wool, and performance of synthetics, the Hendry Bishop collection combines these substrates with advanced chemistries and sustainable processes to give apparel designers freedom of choice, function and creativity.

“Gone are traditional boundaries,” said Peter Baumann, senior vice president merchandising, Burlington Menswear.  “Today’s consumer wants his clothing to make a statement about how he lives his life, not be defined by other people’s ideas of what is appropriate clothing. ITG is bringing together the best of its Burlington and Cone Denim fabrics to create the Hendry Bishop lifestyle collection.”

The Hendry Bishop line offers men’s apparel and specialty brands a diverse canvas from which to create clothing using fabrics of different fibers, textures, and functions without conventional limitations. “Fabric shouldn’t limit clothing but rather open up endless possibilities for people to carry forward their lifestyle to any occasion,” said Gary Kernaghan, executive vice president global business development.  

“We designed the Hendry Bishop collection to transcend preconceived definitions of the past and open new styling and design options that fit today’s lifestyles.”

The Hendry Bishop collection is launching for Fall 2015 targeted to modern men’s lifestyle brands and specialty apparel.  The creation of the collection comes from the collaborative efforts of the Burlington and Cone Denim product development teams which bring together global leadership in worsted wool, cotton, synthetics, and innovative fabric constructions.  Samples are available for immediate viewing.

Posted September 23, 2014

Source: ITG