Wearever® Introduces Maximum Absorbency Incontinence Briefs And Panties

DURHAM, N.C. — August 1, 2013 — Wearever®, makers of comfortable, quality, affordable and stylish
apparel solutions for everyday health and wellness concerns, is introducing a new product for
people living with urinary incontinence, Maximum Absorbency Incontinence Briefs and Panties with
20-ounce absorbency. The new men’s and women’s products, which have the same look and feel as
traditional underwear, are the most absorbent washable and reusable undergarments on the market.
The line gives people with severe incontinence a more comfortable and environmentally friendly
solution that works as well or better than the alternative, adult diapers.

The Wearever incontinence underwear line features the innovative Unique-dri™ three-layer
absorbent padding that traps liquid and reduces odors. The pad’s top layer lets liquid in; the
middle layer moves liquid out toward the edges so it doesn’t pool and, therefore, resists bacteria
growth and odor; and the urethane bottom layer prevents leak and contains the moisture within the
undergarment. Utilizing this Unique-dri™ padding, the new Maximum Absorbency Briefs and Panties
offer superior protection so even people with severe urinary incontinence can wear them with

“No one should have to worry about bladder control with our newest maximum absorbency
product,” said Mandy Harrell, brand manager of Wearever. “Since these briefs and panties can hold
up to 20 ounces of liquid, people can not only continue their lifestyle, but they can also rest
easy through the night. The new product and our entire Wearever line are especially beneficial for
active individuals who want to continue their normal routine without worry or emotional stress
resulting from urinary incontinence.”

Like traditional underwear, the Maximum Absorbency Briefs and Panties are reusable and can be
machine washed up to several hundred times. A single pair of Men’s Maximum Absorbency Briefs
retails for $22.95 and a single pair of Women’s Maximum Absorbency Panties retails for $17.99. Each
pair has optimal stretch to maintain all-day comfort and fit, and can also be purchased in 3-packs
and 6-packs. They are offered in a white cotton/poly material, and in sizes small to XXXL for both
men’s and women’s styles.

The Wearever line also offers incontinence underwear in light and moderate absorbencies with
additional style offerings.  For women’s panties, that includes cotton, cotton blend, lace and
nylon microfiber fabrics in classic styling, as well as men’s briefs and boxer briefs. All Wearever
styles provide a more environmentally friendly, comfortable, stylish and affordable solution
compared to the alternative, adult diapers. To learn more, visit www.WeareverUS.com.

Posted August 6, 2013

Source: Wearever