Built In Seattle™ Promotes Seattle Garment District

Seattle-based fashion and apparel companies Built for Man, Tasty Tiger and Stigmare Couture
Marketing have established Built In Seattle™, a project that aims to present the city’s fashion
apparel resources and talent, and show that the city offers more than outerwear and technical
apparel, while also being able to provide manufacturing and design services as well as “living wage

Built for Man, led by Founder and Creative Director Francisco Hernandez, designs fashion
apparel made using natural fibers. The label has been using the manufacturing facilities of Tasty
Tiger, a producer of spandex and slinky knit products that provides its facility to Built for Man
during off-hours. Those two companies began their cooperation with help from Steven Paul Matsumoto,
founder of Stigmare Couture Marketing, Bellevue, Wash., who has been working to cultivate a
regional supply chain and manufacturing resources to support independent and global brands in a
Seattle-based garment district.

May/June 2013