Madeira USA Launches The Mini Snap Cone: 1,100 Yards Of Color, Ease And Function

LACONIA, N.H. — November 27, 2012 — Madeira USA is proud to announce the production of Madeira’s
newest innovation, the state-of-the-art Mini Snap Cone (MSC). When 5,500 yards of embroidery thread
is too much, or when a small run calls for many colors, the 1,100 yard MSC is the perfect choice
for professional embroiderers. Madeira has configured the Mini Snap Cone with the same useful shape
of its 5,500 yard cone, complete with snap device in its base, to enable embroiderers to clamp the
end of the thread at the bottom of the MSC. This easy clamping “snap” allows simple, safe storage
without any loss of thread, and is faster than having to tie off the end of the thread.

Madeira points out that it is not necessary to open or “un-snap” the base of the MSC in order
to lock in the thread end. Instead, the manufacturer recommends simply forcing the thread into the
groove at the base of the MSC and sliding it around the base. The diagram below illustrates the
best, most time-saving method of securing the thread end.

As the final colors continue to roll out of the factory, Madeira will be offering 413 colors
of Classic Rayon #40, 65 colors of Classic Rayon #60, and 180 colors of Classic Rayon #30, all on
white plastic Mini Snap Cone cores. The 100% polyester Polyneon will be wound on gray MSC cores and
will consist of 359 colors of Polyneon #40 and 100 colors of Polyneon #60. The 24 colors of
Madeira’s flame resistant Fire Fighter thread will also be available on MSCs.

Due to the improvement in functionality of the MSCs and the change in their dimensions, new
wooden storage boxes have been designed to accommodate Madeira’s Mini Snap Cones. The plastic
inserts in the new chests will accommodate the former spools and barrel spools, in addition to the
MSCs. The complete color selection of Classic Rayon or Polyneon #40 MSCs can now be stored in two,
three-drawer chests that come with stickers for identifying the appropriate colors by their
universal number. You can learn more about the MSCs and other product information at or by emailing or by calling toll free 800 225-3001.

Posted on November 27, 2012

Source: Madeira USA