21st Annual Sourcing Show Highlights Special Benefits In CAFTA-DR

GUATEMALA CITY — April 9, 2012 — CAFTA-DR sourcing opportunities are booming, despite the shifting
economic trends. This year’s twenty-first annual Apparel Sourcing Show (APSS) in Guatemala City, to
be held May 22-24, will focus on showing sourcing executives how to use CAFTA as an ideal platform
for textile and apparel operations. With dynamic sourcing options located just a short distance
from major apparel markets, CAFTA-DR producers are ideally positioned to build a sustainable future
for apparel sourcing.

The 2012 APSS will feature discussions and insight on the unique opportunities available in
CAFTA. Seminars and workshops will examine some of the key issues facing sourcing executives today:

  • How to use CAFTA to support a balanced sourcing strategy;
  • How U.S. and Guatemala government officials see CAFTA evolving;
  • How U.S. Customs handles CAFTA entries and Verification; and
  • How to ensure CAFTA compliance in a complex and changing regulatory environment.

The 2012 APSS will showcase expertise from U.S. Customs representatives, apparel retailers,
and industry stakeholders about how sourcing in CAFTA is thriving despite the challenges facing the
global industry. For three days, industry leaders will be on hand to share their knowledge on the
most pressing issues concerning the apparel industry and the CAFTA region, including the dynamic
global supply chain, the impact of U.S. trade policy and new FTAs on CAFTA, and new approaches to
regional sourcing strategies and logistics. In addition, these sourcing experts will talk about how
the CAFTA apparel industry’s flexibility in volume and designs offers the ideal solution for
today’s changing market demands.

Look out for more details on the 2012 APSS agenda coming soon!

The 2012 Apparel Sourcing Show, “CAFTA-DR: Thriving on Global Changes”

Additional information is available at the Apparel Sourcing Show website:

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Posted on April 9, 2012

Source: Apparel Sourcing Show