Swatfame Improves Collaboration, Gains Supply Chain Visibility With NGC’s Extended PLM Software

MIAMI — November 1, 2011 — NGC® today announced that Swatfame, a global, multi-brand women’s and
girl’s fashion company headquartered in Los Angeles, has gone live on NGC’s Extended PLM software.
The rapidly growing, $130-million brand has seen vast improvements in communication and
collaboration throughout its global supply chain as a result of NGC’s software — enabling Swatfame
to quickly react to changes, reduce lead times for design and production, and dramatically improve
overall efficiency.

With high-profile customers that include Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Kohl’s and
JCPenney, design excellence and speed to market are essential to Swatfame. However, prior to NGC,
Swatfame relied on a combination of homegrown systems and spreadsheets that couldn’t keep pace with
the company’s expanding business. The company needed a solution that could help Swatfame take its
business to the next level. After comparing software from a number of PLM vendors, Swatfame
selected NGC’s Extended PLM, which combines PLM and Supply Chain Management (SCM).

NGC’s integrated PLM and SCM solution was the single biggest factor in Swatfame’s decision.
“Most PLM systems that we saw were standalone, but NGC’s software was unique in tying together both
production and PLM,” said Jonathan Greenberg, executive vice president, Swatfame. NGC’s software
offers a single repository of information that includes history by style, costing, and
collaboration and communication history, as well as visibility throughout the company and with

Swatfame has seen a number of benefits from implementing NGC’s software, including:

Improved collaboration.
The collaboration engine in NGC’s Extended PLM is essential to helping Swatfame manage
changes for a complex, fast-changing business. “We are in and out of styles very quickly; we do a
large amount of styles per month, and our product needs are always changing,” says Greenberg. “We
add and subtract styles constantly, and we need to be able to react to changes quickly. NGC’s
collaboration tool allows us to do that by putting everyone on the same page, and it’s been really
important for us.”

Better access to information.
Access to information has improved dramatically with NGC’s software. Since all
information is stored in a web-based system, “our overseas vendors can access information while
we’re sleeping, eliminating the need to use email,” Greenberg says. “Anyone can look up information
at any time, and know that they have the most up-to-date information. This has drastically reduced
the amount of time that’s required to get things done.”

Improved business planning.
Extended PLM has helped Swatfame improve its design processes and planning. “We now have
greater visibility and awareness of our design and production functions, and because of that, a
better ability to plan our business,” according to Greenberg. “Also, by having better access to our
design history, we’ve become smarter about design moving forward.”

ERP integration.
NGC’s Extended PLM software integrates with Swatfame’s ERP system, allowing the two
systems to seamlessly share and update information. “With NGC’s software, our users enter the
information once and it filters through all the systems that are used in manufacturing; you don’t
have to keep re-entering,” Greenberg says.

“Extending PLM throughout the supply chain is essential for realizing the greatest gains in
efficiency and lead time reduction, and Swatfame is an excellent example of that,” said Mark
Burstein, president of sales, marketing and R&D, NGC Software. “NGC has developed a close
working relationship with Swatfame, and we’re excited to help position them for continued growth
and expansion.”

Posted on November 8, 2011

Source: NGC Software