Woolrich Introduces Shirts With Agion Active™ Technology

Woolrich, Pa.-based outdoor apparel manufacturer Woolrich Inc. is partnering with Wakefield,
Mass.-based Sciessent LLC — a provider of antimicrobial and odor-control technologies for textile,
medical and industrial applications — to introduce men’s and women’s shirts for Spring 2012
featuring Sciessent’s Agion Active™ dual-action anti-odor technology.

Agion Active is a textile treatment applied as a fabric finish that combines Agion® silver
ion-based antimicrobial technology with a proprietary mineral-based technology that pulls in and
eliminates ambient or absorbed odors not caused by bacteria. According to Sciessent, the technology
can eliminate odor from 14 sources. The odor-absorbing agent in Agion Active regenerates each time
the fabric is washed, and sustains its performance after more than 50 washes, the company reports.

The new shirts, which include men’s Destination, Territory and Tidal shirts and the women’s
Poly Merino Henley line, also feature side vents and comfort shoulders. Earlier this year, Woolrich
introduced a line of merino wool/polyester-blend base layers featuring Agion Active.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with Woolrich, one of the most authentic and
respected brands in the outdoor industry,” said Paul Ford, CEO, Sciessent. “We are thrilled to play
a part in Woolrich’s successful foray into high performance apparel.”

August 16, 2011