Manufacturer Creates Jobs For American Workers

ATHENS, Tenn. — Aug. 8, 2011 — Tuxedo manufacturer G. Alexander l.l.c. bets on consumers’ desire to
buy Made in the USA with their debut tuxedo collection. The G. Alexander Tuxedo Collection,
debuting August 9, 2011 at the International Formalwear Association Expo 30 in Las Vegas, is a
complete reversal of current industry thinking. Michael Priest, managing partner and director of
sales, had this to say: “Choosing to manufacture our tuxedos in the USA was an easy choice.
American workers are far and away the best in the world. Making tuxedos in America gives us the
ability to work side by side with the designers, seamstresses and everyone involved in the process,
while at the same time securing American jobs with every tuxedo made.”

The collection reflects classic styling with a dash of modern updating, displaying the finest
American craftsmanship, not seen in rental tuxedos since the industry-wide decisions to shutter
domestic production and seek offshore labor. The G. Alexander Tuxedo Collection boasts no paid
celebrity endorsers, choosing to put those funds into the product. “Labels are important to
consumers; they rely on them when choosing between products,” said Mr. Priest. “We feel the
strongest statement we can make about our brand, as well as our focus on delivering hands down the
finest tuxedos in the world, is the Made in the USA label.”

Immediately following the debut in Las Vegas the G. Alexander Tuxedo Collection will hit the
runway at the International Prom Association / Southern Independent Formalwear Association
(IPA/SIFA) show in Atlanta. Response from industry insiders who have taken part in the development
has been overwhelmingly positive. Mr. Priest said, “Everyone who has seen the collection has been
excited. Our entire team is ready to take the cover off and let the world see what an American
company can do.”

Samples will begin showing up in tuxedo rental stores and bridal shows across the country in
December 2011 and will be available for rental in February 2012.

Posted on August 16, 2011

Source: G. Alexander l.l.c./PRNewswire