The SYMCAD II Master Tailor Takes Measurements In One Instant Of Fun

CHICAGO — May 5, 2011 — Having taken the measurements of over a million people inside institutions
and clothed them, TELMAT now releases the SYMCAD II, an unprecedented innovation in the measurement
of the human body. Very easy to use, SYMCAD II provides boutiques and clothing store chains with an
automated body measurement system that can determine clothing sizes and help produce
made-to-measure clothes.

SYMCAD II helps provide made-to-measure comfort and elegance for the cost of ready-to-wear.
SYMCAD II is a free-standing private booth and scanning system that is  simple, autonomous and
fun. Featuring automatic body positioning control, as well as a synthetic voice system that
welcomes the customer into the booth, helps them find the ideal position, and then automatically
triggers the measurement process. The person is inside a pleasant environment and a fun setting

This system is ultra-fast and accurate. It takes less than a minute for the equipment to
start up. The cycle includes an automatic scope calibration for measurement, totally free of any
human intervention, with an acquisition time of 0.5 seconds for the entire human body. SYMCAD II is
unequalled on the market. More than 110 measurements are completed and available within 30 seconds.

Comfortable and fully preserving personal intimacy, SYMCAD II features an exceptional
spectrum of measurement, impervious to undergarment color or skin pigmentation. That is yet another
SYMCAD II functionality unmatched on the market.

The realistic reconstruction of the human body and the software suite make it possible to
collect any kind of special measurement. Measurements are automatically taken from characteristic
body features. All measurements are based on raw data from the subject, free of any smoothing or
data manipulation.

SYMCAD II benefits are many. It obviously makes it possible to provide clothing that is
perfectly adapted to the person’s morphology, without alteration. Its automation promotes improved
hygiene and privacy by limiting the fittings with personnel to the bare minimum. Shops can also
thus manage a morphological database that will help optimize stocks and customer loyalty. Retail
chains can enjoy an identical measurement tool in all their shops.

Posted on May 10, 2011

Source: Telmat Industrie