Karl Mayer Opens Maintenance Center In China

Germany-based Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH has opened a maintenance center in China to
service the electronic components of its warp-knitting machines. Customers may send their damaged
components directly to the center, where they are quickly repaired and then returned to the
customer with a six-month guarantee. Customers benefit from minimum downtime in production.

Electronics engineers at the maintenance center have received comprehensive training by
specialists at Karl Mayer’s headquarters in Germany, and they test and repair components based on
established operating instructions and quality specifications. The center has high-quality
technical equipment — including small-scale and delicate testing equipment — and a surface mounted
device (SMD) workplace with a vacuum pump where small-section SMD components, such as for the
replacement of condensers, resistors or diodes, can be manually soldered, unsoldered and cleaned.
According to Karl Mayer, it now is possible to repair electronic components that had been
considered irreparable.

The company opened its first service station in November 2010 at Karl Mayer (China) Ltd. in
Wujin, which it reports has been very successful. It will soon open another center at its

April 26, 2011