Chic-Tex Stages Collections, Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Montreal-based Chic-Tex Inc. – a manufacturer of classic and fancy hand-knitting yarns, and
industrial yarns using the worsted and woolen systems – unveiled two new collections at a fashion
show in Florence, Italy, to showcase the possibilities of its new yarns. Designs in the Knitmania
range are targeted to the fashion-forward person who isn’t afraid to make a statement, while
designs in the Setknit range are for the more refined, sophisticated individual, according to Sara
Kanavaros, director, public relations and marketing.

The three-day exhibit showcased the potential of the company’s new yarns through sample
displays, information forums and fashion shows. The company also used the occasion to celebrate its
20th anniversary.

In other company news, Chic-Tex, which has liason offices in Turkey and South America, is
currently negotiating expanding its base across key global markets. Chic-Tex continues to invest
heavily in its research and development and marketing programs to supply new yarn creations to its

September 2005