TFFE Offered Innovations Experienced Growth

Sponsored by the Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters Association (ITKIB), the fourth edition of
the Turkish Fashion Fabric Exhibition (TFFE) held recently in New York City presented visitors with
many innovations, including new fabrics, finishes and process technologies.This years TFFE
attracted almost 1,600 buyers, an increase over past shows of almost 50 percent. Of the buyers at
the show, 588 were first-time attendees
(See NYC Fabric Shows, TW, this issue). Oguz Satici, chairman, ITKIB textile board, said,
As Turkey acknowledges free market rules, we are confident that using our marketing power to gain
recognition for the high-quality, high-value, innovative fabrics we offer will continue to pay off.
We are letting the US industry know that we are fashion creators as well as producers.

September 2003