Crystal Textile Group Launches Spacer-Lite Line

New York City-based Crystal Textile Group has introduced Spacer-Lite, a line of spacer fabrics for
various apparel, medical, industrial and technical end-uses.Spacer fabrics comprise two outer
textile substrates joined together and also separated by a ventilated inner layer of spacer yarns,
to allow heat and moisture to escape. Various properties can be added to the fabrics, including
anti-microbial, anti-mildew, anti-static, flame-retardant, absorptive, water-repellent and
abrasion-resistant attributes. Spacer-Lite is far softer than laminated fabrics used for the same
purposes and retains its qualities after repeated launderings, said Richard Crystal, CEO. By virtue
of such qualities, this extremely versatile fabric is perfectly suited for such end-uses as
lingerie, bras, swimwear and activewear.Crystal Textile Group, formerly The Tricot Man, was
originally a textile converter specializing in warp knits for niche markets. The company recently
expanded to become a vertically integrated organization that includes knitting and dyeing, as well
as full research and product development capabilities.

September 2001