Burlington Launches Techno-Natural Fabrics

Synatural, a new family of techno-natural fabrics, has been introduced by Burlington
PerformanceWear (BPW), a division of Burlington Industries, Greensboro, N.C. BPW uses DuPonts
Micromattique natural matte luster polyester yarn in the new fabrics to combine natural fluidity
and drape with easy care and performance. Micromattique delivers cotton-like aesthetics in
synthetic fabrics.With Micromattique, we have been able to combine the superior performance of
polyester with a soft, natural hand, said Tonya Farrow, apparel segment manager for
Micromattique.Garments made with Synatural fabrics are colorfast, and BPW sees the fabrics as a
replacement for casual 100-percent cotton pants.Garments made with Synatural fabrics will be more
suitable for todays more dressed-up casual styles, given their ability to maintain their color and
shape, said Lou DLando, executive vice president, apparel fabrics, BPW.The Synatural fabrics will
utilize Nano-Dry technology (See Quality Fabric Of The Month, ATI, March 2001) to provide
additional comfort and hydrophilic performance properties such as breathability, permanent
wickability and quick-drying capability.

April 2001